Social Class Kit


  • Basic Concepts
    • “Why poverty is not a personal choice, but a reflection of society” (Article)
    • "Social Class and Poverty in the US" (Video)
  • Race, Class, and Inequality
    • "The Case for Reparations” (Article)
    • "6 facts about economic inequality in the U.S.” (Article)

Reflection Questions

  1. What did you learn from the resources that you did not know before or that surprised you?
  2. How often do you think about your social class? In what settings do you think about your social class? How comfortable do you feel talking about social class?
  3. From the "Social Class and Poverty in the US" resource, Max Faber defines social class by what opportunities a class gives a member of the class. Do you agree with this definition? Why or why not?
  4. Race is often tied to social class. Do you believe this is true of your race and social class? Why or why not?
  5. From your exploration of the resources, do you believe talking about social class is important? How would you start a conversation with a friend about social class?
  6. What do you want to commit to learning more about with regards to social class?
  7. How will you think differently or what will you do differently as a result of what you learned?

Additional Resources

  • "A conversation about the racial wealth gap—and how to address it” (Article)
  • "Poor Kids” (Documentary)