Women of Color Collective

The Women of Color Collective is dedicated to providing a space for students who are women of color to connect, dialogue, celebrate and support each other’s whole authentic selves through an intersectional lens.

Our monthly meetings center on a specific topic, issue or current event that students wish to learn more about or process openly with their peers. The intent is to foster intercultural dialogue and to create a brave space where students can share their unique perspectives and create a community of solidarity, support and affirmation. 

The Women of Color Collective meetings are held every Wednesday from 6:30 to 7:30 p.m.

For more information about how to get involved, contact Madison Eagle.

Want to discuss academics, career options, graduate school, interpersonal issues, student organization support, or any other topics with Madison? Schedule Your Empowerment and Success (YES!) meeting online at https://go.osu.edu/MeetWithMadison.


Fall 2022 Schedule:


Intros and Icebreakers: 

This week we will be doing Introductions and Ice Breakers. Come get to know your fellow Women of Color peers and connect with each other over fun games and interactive get to know you activites.



Navigating Women's Resources on Campus:

This workshop will cover how to navigate supportive resources for women-identified students on campus. This includes Women Student Initiatives in the Multicultural Center, SARNCO, Title IX, The Women’s Place, Student Organizations, Counseling and Consultation, and much more. This presentation will help you better understand these resources, what they do, who they serve and how to best utilize them.



Building Trust and Connection

This week we will be participating in community building activities to connect Women of Color peers to each other, build trust, and find support in each other. 



Who am I? Identity Discussion

Join us for a dialogue on Intersectional identity, explore our own understanding of what it means to be a Woman of Color, how we navigate issues of identity, and what we need to be our authentic selves. 



What does it mean to be me in the World, US, and at OSU?

Women of Color group members will bring an article or current event for discussion. We’ll discuss the issues and find common themes that connect each issue discussed. 



Campus Connections: De'Garrica Ditmars, Student Advocacy Center

Join us to hear about the personal and professional journey of De’Garrica Ditmars, a staff member in the Student Life Student Advocacy Center. You can learn more about her here.



Fall Break- No Meeting



Trust and Identity 

Join us for a dialogue on Women of Color as an identity, explore the historical context of how colonization defines identity, how we navigate identity politics, and what we need for solidarity to exist across and within identity groups. 



Managing Stress and Mental Health

This week we will be discussing self-care and community care, and how traditional practices can help our mental health. For this discussion we will be joined by Audia Fraley, M.S.Ed., LPC, a therapist in the Student Life Department of Counseling and Consultation. You can learn more about our speaker here.



Movie and Craft Night!

This week will be a fun movie night! We will get out coloring/craft supplies and watch a movie. The movie will be selected by group vote.



My Voice, My Advocacy

Join us for a discussion on advocacy, how we use our voice, and what our personal style is in handling self/community advocacy. 




Campus Connections: Dr. Gladys Gibbs, MD, Student Health Services

Join us to hear about the personal and professional journey of Dr. Gladys Gibbs, MD, Director of Student Health Services. You can learn more about her here.



Setting Boundaries:

Join us for our last official meeting of the semester. We’ll be talking about managing boundaries with family over winter break. We will also get out coloring/craft supplies. 



Self-Care, Community-Care and Study Space

This bonus session will be a self-care and study space. Come to study, beading and crafts will be available as well.