Student Internships and Employment

Transformational Equity and Alliance Ambassadors for the Student Life Center for Belonging and Social Change (TEAM) are student employees who work to support their peers and other full-time staff in fulfilling our mission of community building, advocacy and education. This cohort of students collaborates internally and externally to develop alliances in creating positive social change on our campus.

Our student TEAM employees are often the first people you meet when you come to the CBSC. You can find them greeting visitors at the front desk, leading programs and events, holding space in the Alonso Family Room for reflection and lively discussions, as well as facilitating workshops and important dialogues about current events. The Center for Belonging and Social Change hires about 35 student employees annually. Students who serve in this role come from a wide range of backgrounds, identities and experiences.

In the CBSC, we believe that student employment should empower students to highlight their existing cultural knowledge and life experience, while also growing their own learning and development. This includes cultivation of additional transferable skills needed to be successful in their employment role, in the classroom and in their future careers.

To support this growth, our TEAM participates in a selective application process, robust onboarding, training, professional development and mentoring opportunities throughout their employment with the CBSC.


We know through experience that students who embrace different ideas, perspectives and backgrounds are great candidates for employment in the Student Life Center for Belonging and Social Change.

Applications are accepted, and employees are selected twice a year: April and January. The number of openings varies from semester-to-semester, and year-to-year.

To work in the CBSC, a commitment to the mission, vision and values are required: Inclusion, Community, and Social Justice Engagement. They’re more than just words for us in the CBSC; they are commitments to our campus community. They’re the values and principles that guide how we think about creating extraordinary student experiences, how we build our student staffing teams, cultivate student leaders and strive to create a place that feels like a “home away from home” for everyone who spends time in our space.

TEAM employees are required to be available for at least 10 hours of work in the CBSC per week. Half of this time is spent working on programming projects, coordinating student outreach and welcoming visitors to the space at the front desk. The other half is spent working directly with a program coordinator, program manager, or another CBSC staff person.



There are three steps to applying to work in the Student Life Center for Belonging and Social Change:

  1. Complete the online employment interest form at

  2. Check the work-study box

  3. Participate in an in-person interview

  • If selected, complete the formal Ohio State application for employment on Workday.