Focus Areas


Collaborative and Community Space: The Center is open as a drop-in space from 9 a.m. until 9 p.m. for students to utilize as their Family Room. For many, the CBSC is a home away from home. There are comfortable chairs to relax, study, or have lunch and talk with friends. Please stop by! 

Intercultural Programming: The Center for Belonging and Social Change hosts over 100 events and programs throughout the year. Students from all backgrounds and experiences are invited to participate in the Block Party, History and Awareness months, the Week of Action, and End of the Year Recognition Celebrations. These programs are also a great way to participate in volunteerism and civic engagement. 

Opportunities for Connection: The Center for Belonging and Social Change team wants to ensure that students get connected with others, find a sense of community, learn about themselves and others, and get involved in our diverse campus community. We offer a variety of ways for students to come together, build community, and engage with programming about first-generation status, Asian Pacific Island Desi Americans, Black and African American students, DACA status, Latinx students, members of the LGBTQ community, and Native and Indigenous students. We welcome all students to come, connect, and learn more. Dates and times for various gatherings during the upcoming academic semester will be posted soon on our website. 


Educational Programs:  Dialogues, workshops, and social justice programming promote learning about historical contexts and cultural appreciation, increase awareness of identity politics, provide opportunities to engage in civil discourse and move participants to seek a deeper understanding of the dynamics of power and privilege.  

Leadership Development: Through experiential opportunities, we actively engage students in forming welcoming leadership practices and values. Participants can include those in formal leadership positions, such as student organizations or event planning committees, and those who lead in many ways without formal titles or positions.  


Volunteer and Civic Engagement Opportunities:  We prioritize and empower the Ohio State University and surrounding communities through mentorship, access, and neighborhood engagement. Our comprehensive programming collaborates with individuals and families facing generational poverty by mobilizing trained volunteers and student ambassadors to advance the well-being of humanity.  

View our calendar to see a schedule of our upcoming events.