Community Kits

What is a Community Kit?

A Community Kit is a tool that offers a series of learning resources and reflection questions on a variety of social justice issues. Each kit has an assortment of articles, videos, fact sheets and questions for engagement that can be used to meet the needs of individuals and communities here at Ohio State and beyond. Anyone can use the Community Kits - individuals, student organizations, residence halls, classrooms and the greater community.

Community Kits for DICE

You may complete one Community Kit as an individual during the academic year to receive one DICE point. For more information, visit

Community Kits for Groups

You can use Community Kits to foster dialogue in your classroom, staff meeting, residence hall, student organization or friend group.

Who can benefit from Community Kits?

  • In the residence halls: RAs and Hall Councils can use Community Kits to facilitate floor programs.
  • In student government: Both undergrad and grad students can use these kits as professional development tools for their committees and as awareness and knowledge building tools for their constituencies.
  • In student organizations: Use these kits to build community, knowledge, awareness and skills for diversity and social justice within your organization or between student groups.
  • In the classroom: Need something to bring the ideas of your class material to life for your students? Use these kits to foster dialogue on current issues related to diversity and social justice.
  • With faculty or staff: Use these kits as opportunities to facilitate staff development relating to issues of diversity and social justice.
  • Outside the University: Anyone is welcome to use these materials!

 Questions about the Community Kits can be submitted to the Student Life Center for Belonging and Social Change at