About Us

The Center for Belonging and Social Change works in partnership with students, campus partners and community stakeholders to cultivate an inclusive, empowering and equity-minded campus community through advocacy, education, and support.

Together, we apire for all students to live and learn in an inclusive and socially-just campus community wherein:

  • students’ lived experiences reflecting the impact of power, privilege, oppression, and colonialism are recognized and addressed through policies and practices that achieve equitable access, visibility and valuing of minoritized communities
  • students develop and demonstrate equity-minded leadership, empathy, and compassion for self and others through experiential learning opportunities and civic engagement
  • students form and sustain a sense of belonging and identity pride through community building opportunities and connections with peers
  • students’ self-efficacy, empowerment, and resilience are nurtured through meaningful mentorship, and skill building programs



Hang Out Space:  The Alonso Room is open as a drop-in space for our students to utilize as their Family Room. For many, the Alonso Room is a home away from home. There are comfortable chairs to relax in, study, have your lunch or talk with your friends. Stop in!

Community Groups:  There are 8 community groups in the Center that focus on getting connected with others who share similar identities and backgrounds, finding a sense of community, learning about yourself and others, and getting involved in our diverse campus community. Examples of the groups are La Casa, First-Gen Connections, LGBTQ*mmunity, and APIDA Community Connections.

Education Programs:  CBSC dialogues, workshops, and social justice programming promote learning about historical contexts and cultural appreciation, increase awareness of the politics of identity and move participants to seek a deeper understanding of dynamics of power and privilege.

Leadership Development: Through experiential opportunities, we actively engage students in forming inclusive leadership practices and values. Participants can include those who are in formal leadership positions such as student organizations or event planning committees, as well as those students who lead in many ways without formal titles or positions. 

Intercultural Programming:  The Center for Belonging and Social Change hosts over 100 events and programs through the year.  Students from all backgrounds and experiences are invited to participate in activities such as the Block Party, History and Awareness months, the Week of Action and Graduation Celebrations. These programs are also a great way to get involved in volunteerism and civic engagement.

View our calendar to see a schedule of our upcoming events.