Race Kit


  • Basic Concepts
    • “Race, Ethnicity, Nationality and Jellybeans” (Video)
    • “What Is Race?” (Video)
  • What is Racism? 
    • “Racism 101” (Article)
    • “Let's Get to the Root of Racial Injustice” (Video)
    • Systemic Racism and Institutional Racism (Article)
    • Systemic Racism Explained (Video)
  • Stereotypes
    • Racial Stereotypes (Article)
    • “I Am Not Your Asian Stereotype” (Video)
    • Five Latinx Stereotypes in Hollywood (Video)
  • Anti-Blackness
    • “Racism harms black people most. It’s time to recognize ‘anti-blackness’” (Article)
  • Reverse Racism
    • Reverse Racism is a Lie (Video)

Reflection Questions

  1. What did you learn from the resources that you did not know before or that surprised you?
  2. Using the resources in the “What is Racism?” section, how would you describe the concept of racism to a friend who thinks that it is only an individual, not a structural/systemic, issue?
  3. How often do you think about your race? In what settings do you think about your race? How comfortable do you feel talking about race?
  4. Systems of oppression such as racism are often invisible to those who do not experience racial discrimination on a daily basis. Provide one example of how education, government or the media celebrates or rewards one race over another/others. What do you believe can be done to combat this?
  5. From the Anti-Blackness resource, what statistic stood out to you most and why?
  6. From the Reverse Racism resource, how would you respond to a friend who says people of color can be racist towards white people?
  7. What do you want to commit to learning more about with regards to race?
  8. How will you think differently or what will you do differently as a result of what you learned?

Additional Resources