Social Change Klatch

The Social Change Klatch Day serves is an on campus experience for local elementary, middle and high school students to explore a higher education environment and dissect social change issues. The individual day consists of meaningful components such as student panels, small group discussion, leadership strategy sessions, and more.  The Social Change Director will work closely with the visiting classroom to design the day field trip.  

Campus groups serving youth may also participate and request a Social Change Klatch for their programs. Social Change will assist in developing a visit day agenda and connecting to other campus resources.

Themes may but are not limited to: Wellness, Diversity, Recidivism, Education, Sexuality, Voting Rights, Implicit Bias, Literacy, Juvenile Justice, and more.


  • Completion of the online application
  • Development of a school social change project
  • Youth on-site Training 
  • Reflection Journals
  • Pre and Post Tests