Ari Grubaugh, They/Them/Theirs

Ari Grubaugh (they/them/theirs) is a Coordinator for Belonging and Student Support at the Center for Belonging and Social Change. They are a Buckeye for Life, having completed two graduate degrees at The Ohio State University -- in Public Administration (MPA) and Social Work (MSW) with a focus on Community and Social Justice. They also completed their undergraduate education at Ohio State, double majoring in Political Science and Sexuality Studies with a focus in LGBTQ studies. Throughout the past decade, Ari has held several positions at the Student Life Multicultural Center, now the Center for Belonging and Social Change, including Student Programming Assistant, Graduate Student Access Assistant, MSW-I Student Intern, Graduate Central Programming Assistant, and Intercultural Specialist for LGBTQ Student Initiatives.  

As someone who is queer, non-binary transgender, and a first-generation college student, Ari is passionate about supporting all students at Ohio State, and especially those often overlooked within the college system. Equally important to them is advocating for change at institutional and societal levels in order to advance equity on and off campus. Their professional areas of interest include community social work, education, and implementing research-based best practices for supporting marginalized student populations.