NativeOSU is a student community that provides support and creates space for Native American and Indigenous students to explore and understand their personal identity, develop leadership opportunities and build community. NativeOSU also promotes the awareness of issues concerning Native American and Indigenous students and advances the education and understanding of Native American and Indigenous culture among cohort members and the university community.

NativeOSU meetings are held every week on Tuesdays at 7:30 p.m. in the Student Life Center for Belonging and Social Change Alonso Family Room.

Note: This gathering is not an appropriate forum to fulfill requirements for academic programs or classes (such as for projects, papers, or graduation requirements), student requirements (such as for First Year Success Series or STEP Professional Development Co-Curriculars), nor for Standards of Excellence requirements from Sorority and Fraternity Life. To find a program that could work for such requirements, check out our calendar for anything with a title followed by DICE.

For more information about how to get involved, email Madison Eagle.

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Spring 2023 Schedule:


Intros and Icebreakers: 

This week we will be doing Introductions and Ice Breakers. Come get to know your fellow Indigenous peers and connect with each other over fun games and interactive get to know you activites.



Who am I? Identity Discussion

Join us for a dialogue on Native American and Indigenous identity, explore our own understanding of what it means to be Indigenous, how we navigate issues of identity, and what we need to be our authentic selves. 





Building Trust and Connection

This week we will be participating in community building activities to connect Indigenous peers to each other, build trust, and find support in each other. 



Campus Connections: Dr. Michael Ioerger

Dr. Michael Ioerger, Resident at the OSU Wexner Medical Center, will be joining us to talk about his experiences in Medicine and share an opportunity to join his lab for research experience. He has extensive experience in a wide range of wellness fields. He has a Master's in Public Health, PhD in Social Psychology, in addition to his MD. You can learn more about him and his work here.



Dance Class

Local Indigenous dancers, Lydia Green-Miller, will be joining us to teach various powwow dance styles.



My Voice, My Advocacy

Join us for a discussion on advocacy, how we use our voice, and what our personal style is in handling self/community advocacy. 



Managing Stress and Mental Health

This week we will be discussing self-care and community care, and how traditional practices can help our mental health. Discussion will also feature beading/crafting together. 



Pop Culture

Join us for watching some recent Indigenous film/tv and talk about the importance of this surge in Indigenous media content.





Alum Nikki Cunningham will be joining our group to teach us some beading skills and share her tips and tricks for making the best beadwork.



Spring Break- No Meeting




Current Events

Bring a current news article, viral tiktok video, the latest meme, or any news coming from Indian Country. We'll talk about it and discuss the impact and the power of Native news outlets and social media.



Campus Connections: Dr. Teresa Lynch, Assistant Professor in the School of Communication, Director of Chronos Laboratory

Dr. Teresa Lynch (Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe (Mnikȟówožu Lakota)),  will be joining our meeting this week to talk about her personal and professional journey. Her research focuses on video games and their influences on social emotion, cognition, and behavior. Learn more about Dr. Lynch here.




We'll break out the beads again to finish projects or start new ones!



Pop Culture

Join us for watching some recent Indigenous film/tv and talk about the importance of this surge in Indigenous media content.



Self-Care, Community-Care and Study Space

This bonus session will be a self-care and study space. Come to study, beading and crafts will be available as well.